Multi-color Super High power Car chargers

This is our Extra-power car charger that can charge a phone in a car under one hour. This charger uses the car battery more than usual but charges your phone very fast and can get your phone back to full charge after one short drive. This charger is very useful for those of who you use their phones a lot(all of us) and is very helpful to recharge for phone in case of emergencies when you really need your phone. For example,when that 1amp per minute old car charger is not going to cut it. Additionally the charger comes with many colors such as Green, Purple, Yellow and Red.This charger can charge your phone at a very high and consistent pace maximizing functionality of the charger!

Here are some more pictures, and a video to get a better look at our product!

Note: This product is not exactly as shown in the video. It is a different brand so may include some different qualities but the core item is the same.