High power charger 10 foot Extension

This is our High power,long extension Android charger. This charger has an in-built extension that allows for the charger to be streched almost 3 meters across the ground to get it to the desired location. The extension is very useful for those homes that do not have many wall inputs, or homes that have too many devices plugged into one wall input. This charger allows for the phone to go across almost half of any room with ease to charger an Android device. Additionally, if the wire is too much of a hassle, the charger charges your device very efficiently so that will not be a problem for too long. It also has a in-built wire up feature in which you do not always have to use all of the wire at once, and can use as much as you want.

Here are some more pictures and a video on the funtionality of this product

Note: This product is not exactly as shown in the video. The video may be covering a different brand of the same product, and some different features. However the core of the item is the same.