Glow in the dark Car charger

This is our next glow in the dark charger but this time its for cars. This charger consumes a bit more car battery power,however,the charger is very efficient and will not waste your battery power the slightest. It is very benefitial for long car rides,which happen very often for many of us,and just general commuting from place to place because we always have to drive,morning or night. This charger makes it very easy to commute at night,especially because the night is the time when our phones generally loose power,and you have to recharge but then can't find your charger. Buying this GLow in the Dark car charger will evolutionize the way you drive at night!

Here are some additional pictures, and a video to see how our product operates....

Note: This product is not exactly the same as the products shown in the video, but it has the same uses and performs the same actions. Although the video covers many different types, we only have the one at the moment.