Glow in the dark Apple charging Cable

This is our new Glow in the Dark Apple charging cable. It is a Apple charger like most of the others,however, the glow in the dark affect makes it a whole new charger.Have you ever been in that situation, at night when you can find where to plug in the charger, or you can't even find your charger, then this is the easy soltuion. This charger will glow in the dark, a small night light if you wish allowing for easier use of the charger at night. Although it may seem a nuisance, and too much, this product will always be benefitial to its user so do not worry and buy the new evolution of chargers,Glow in the Dark! This is additonally a huge help in the car,a place which we constantly go, it can light up the car easily,as long as your car has USB ports.

Here are some extra pictures and a video to get a better look at the product at hand!

Note: This product is not exactly the same as the products shown in the video, but it has the same uses and performs the same actions. Although the video covers many different types, we only have the one at the moment.