10 foots Data/Charging Cables

This is our 10 foot cable for Android phones. This cables provides an extra-long cable that will allow you to use this cable for long distances, when necessary. Although it may seem a hassle, when you dont have to use all of it, you can roll it up when its in-built mechanism to keep the extra wire in place. Additionally it has two ports, for which you can transfer data easily and quickly and another to charge your mobile device. This is a huge help to everyone because it provides a long extension for charging and data taking away the hassle of short,unaccessible cables. This product also comes with a variety of colors including white,blue,orange,black, and red.

Here are some more pictures and a video to get a better look at our product.

Note: This product is not exactly as shown in the video. It is not a lighting cable, and is not braided. Althought everything else is the same.